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Activism Through Art: Inside the Event

By March 29, 2018Art, Community, Connections
Delton Mosby "Dignity"

Art carries the power to convey meaning in a variety of ways, and to narrate stories that connect people to both the art and to one another. Art also has the ability to inspire and challenge us as individuals and as a community. Issaquah Talks: Activism Through Art is an event that seeks to do both of these things – share stories and meanings through art and challenge us to be better.

The event will feature a moderated panel with four local artists who use their work as ways to start conversations around ideas like race, racism, and racial justice (see bios below). They will talk about how and why they use their art in this way, and ways that you can use your various talents for activism. Following the panel will be an artist reception, which will feature art from our panelists, a live painting performance, and continued conversations.

We also often forget the incredible things our children can create, so help empower your child to make an impact as well! With help from the Highlands Youth Advisory Board, ArtEast will be organizing a community art project for children to participate in during the panel discussion, with the finished piece being displayed for the community to view. We hope you will join us!

For updated information, please follow the Facebook event page.

Roosevelt Lewis Artist


Roosevelt Lewis is a painter, sculptor, and poet whose works have been displayed and exhibited in galleries and shows all over the Pacific Northwest. Roosevelt always knew that he wanted to create things, and uses his life experiences to inspire his art. His art reflects the Black, Cajun, and Creole of his home in central Louisiana, and remain the backdrop from which he works.


Leleita McKill is a photographer whose work covers art, fashion, and commercial projects. Leleita emphasizes creating images that promote and celebrate diversity, the female presenting form, and the underrepresented. She finds inspiration in the untold stories of women in America and strives to offer her own perspective as a woman of color through her photography.

Wynn Adele Artist


Wynn Adele is a queer artist and graphic designer whose work explores gender, sexuality, the body, mental health, spirituality and intersectional feminism. She enjoys using creative expression as a tool to build community and organize politically. As a white womxn, her work is heavily informed by the art, scholarship, healing and organizing of womxn of color. Much of their work is created using found and recycled materials.

Kay Tarapolsi Artist


Koloud “Kay” Tarapolsi is a Libyan American artist who creates art to promote a positive image of Arab culture. She has worked extensively in the local Arab art world, working with the Arab Center of Washington, the Arab Festival, and multiple local museums. Her company, A Crafty Arab, allows her to handcraft a vibrant Arab world and share that world with the wider community.

YWCA Resident & Featured Panel Performance

Dashawn Glymph also known as LegenDary is the creator of the Washington-based hip-hop group FAR SQUAD ORION GANG (FSOG’s). First beginning to write at the age of 6, becoming competitive at the age of 8, and beginning to seriously record music and take his passion more seriously at age 15. This only happened after his friend “Devin Topps” was killed at a Halloween party. Now he looks to make music for the people who need hope, joy, intelligence and energy in a world filled with so much pain and despair. He will be opening up the artist talk with a special performance.

Live Painter at Artist Reception

Delton Mosby is a painter whose work challenges systems of oppression through visual art, tackling topics such as racism, classism, sexism, and homophobia. Delton encourages others to use art as a resource for healing, relaxation, self-exploration, self-reflection, community building, and advocacy for equality. He will performing a live painting during the artist reception. See Delton Mosby’s artwork above, “Dignity” on display at Blakely Hall as part of ArtEast’s current exhibition, “(in)Habit,” through May 15.  

Perry Porter Artist

Community Art Project

Perry Porter is a painter and songwriter, focused on portraiture in the watercolor medium. Perry’s portraits feature women of color submerged in surreal/manga style settings. The vibrant colors and free flowing nature of his work not only gives a strong sense of playfulness and freedom but also discipline and control of his medium. “Art is power. Especially in modern culture. We look up to others as the standard of genius or beauty, but the problem is there’s no one that look like us. I want my family and friends to see faces that look like theirs, hair that curls like theirs, full lips. I want them to know that they are just as or more beautiful than the faces they see immortalized in museums.” Perry will facilitate the community art project with ArtEast.

Activism Through Art — Thursday, April 26th

Get full event details on our website calendar or follow the Facebook event page. Event produced by Brianna Eigner, Issaquah Highlands resident, and Brian Carr, Pastor, Missiongathering Issaquah.

As published in April 2018 Connections.