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All Aboard for Focus Groups!

Community Shuttle Focus Groups

Community Shuttle Conversations Continue

A big “thank you” to the 488 neighbors who participated in the Community Shuttle Survey in August. At the September 15 Highlands Council Board of Trustees meeting, the Highlands Council Transportation Solutions Committee reviewed the data collected and recommended the board move to the next phase of research: virtual focus group meetings with interested members of the community.

To participate in an upcoming focus group, CLICK HERE and sign up for a date and time that works for you during the months of October and November. Focus groups will be presented with a summary of data collected thus far, and new information such as suggested routes, shuttle stops, and cost. Transportation Solutions Committee members will answer questions, make note of your suggestions, and take your feedback back to the full committee for debrief.

If, through the focus groups, we learn the community shuttle idea is not supported, Highlands Council will not move forward. If the community is in favor, then in January 2021, we expect to start seeking funding via commercial sponsorships, state and federal grants, and a potential small increase in our homeowner’s association dues, all in an effort to have this new amenity funded and ready to safely launch when COVID-19 restrictions deem it is safe to do so.

At this time, a community shuttle service in Issaquah Highlands is not a done deal. As a resident of Issaquah Highlands, your voice matters. Whether you’re for or against the idea, we encourage a representative from every household to participate.

Click here to sign up for an upcoming focus group >>


Common themes from the survey

In support of having a shuttle:

  • If we had a community shuttle, we could get rid of one of our family’s vehicles. It would change our lifestyle.
  • A shuttle would be great for elderly relatives who have extended visits and can’t drive themselves.
  • We would explore Issaquah Highlands more if there was a shuttle to get us up the hill.
  • Make the shuttle dog-friendly and have a stop near the Bark Park.
  • The after-work walk home from the Park & Ride is tiring and time-consuming – a shuttle would be helpful!
Against having a shuttle:

  • I don’t want to pay more in HOA dues for this service.
  • This seems like an incredible waste of money and resources, and a liability to the community.
  • I prefer to have freedom to leave when I want and not rely on a specific schedule.
  • I don’t want non-Issaquah Highlands residents patronizing Grand Ridge Plaza to have easy and free access to our homes and neighborhoods.
  • I prefer to drive, ride my bike, or walk.

Stats of Those Surveyed

said they would take a shuttle to the Issaquah Highlands Park & Ride. This could mean more parking spaces open for people who live in surrounding areas.
viewed the shuttle as a safe and reliable way to get home from entertainment areas.
said they would be comfortable allowing their teen to use the shuttle, and 41% said a shuttle stop at Central Park would improve the afterschool sports activity commute for their family.
said they would ride their bike more if they knew they could get a ride up “the hill,” leading to a healthier, more active community.
said they would use the community shuttle.