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Announcing the Connections Spring 2021 Issue

By March 31, 2021Connections
Vicki Grunewald Media Editor

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Before I moved to Issaquah Highlands in 2012, I can’t say I knew what it meant to live “in community.” I grew up in a neighborhood without sidewalks or front porches, and homes sat far back from the street. Neighbors were just people I saw at the bus stop and the annual neighborhood holiday party. I did not feel a real sense of connection and camaraderie with my neighbors until I moved to Issaquah Highlands.

Our community’s urban village design means our homes are physically close together. Sidewalks, trails, and pathways connect us to our neighbors, and front porches encourage us to see our neighbors more regularly. That physical connection to our neighbors becomes a social connection in our community’s parks and common areas, at community-wide events, at our community center, Blakely Hall, and even online in social media groups.

Nine years ago, I moved to Issaquah Highlands as a newlywed and now look forward to raising my daughter here. For varying reasons, all of us who live in Issaquah Highlands chose to put our roots down here. While we enjoy all that our community has to offer, we may forget the organizations that make it possible. “Rooted in Community” is a reminder of how Issaquah Highlands’ foundation – a unique (and purposeful) organizational structure and urban village design – makes it a special place to live, work, and play.

Also in this issue: stories on other topics that are part of the fabric of our community, including honoring volunteers, growing our community’s youth, listening to feedback from residents (Highlands Council and HFN offer their 2021 survey recaps), promoting emergency preparedness, and more. Show off your love for Issaquah Highlands by participating in a new community photography contest and sharing your feedback with the IHCA on park upgrades.

Remember, the next print issue of Connections will be in July. Until then, remember to stay connected with us online.

Vicki Grunewald is the Highlands Council media editor and a Harrison Street resident.