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Ashland Park, How Issaquah Highlands Began

By September 20, 2016January 25th, 2017Connections, Development News, Front Page
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A couple of Ashland Park homes are delightfully hidden by mature gardens, this neighborhood being the oldest in Issaquah Highlands. PC Nina Milligan

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Ashland Park, How Issaquah Highlands Began
By Aimee Holy, Erik Mehr & Associates, Dahlia Park Resident

Ashland Park is one of the first communities in the Highlands and the first community to have its own public park. I have spent many hours at the “water park” as my son used to call it. The water and the rocks are natural magnets for kids. Jumping from rock to rock or looking for critters in the stream eventually ended with wet clothes. The park, designed by Milenko Matanovic and the Pomegranate Center, is getting a facelift this summer. Be sure to check it out.

Ashland Park has just four privately owned Buchan homes that sit directly on the park. Built in from 1998 – 1999, these Buchans rarely come on the market. The last resale here was in 2013, other than that, residents seem to like it here! With an easy walk to Highlands amenities, Grand Ridge Elementary and a park out your front door, what’s not to like? Homes are around 2,400 square feet with 4 bedrooms and 2.5 to 3.5 bathrooms.

The other homes that surround the park on Katsura and 15th are owned by Essex Property Trust, the company that leases to the Highlands at Wynhaven apartment complex. The waiting list is long for the town homes that circle the park and on 15th Avenue by Lakeside Montessori.

Besides the Ashland Circle, part of the charm of this neighborhood is the easy access to nature. Kathy’s Trail, which is accessed near Park Drive and Central Park Drive, drops through the north end of 15th Avenue NE. Also at the end of 15th Avenue NE is the “secret” connector to Black Nugget road. Don’t think you can shave a few minutes off your morning commute by cutting through here as the road is blocked. For bird lovers, you can access a sweet little gravel trail around a pond just south of Lakeside Montessori.

Ramya M. loves living here because:

“It encourages my kids to be outdoors and avoids TV time……..They loves rolling on the slope, playing around the water fountain….Love the Little Free Library too!!!” – Ramya M.

Some of our youngest Ashland Circle residents were also eager to express their opinions:

“I love living right on the park. I love the trees and the bushes. It is a great area for a fort or a little nook. They also provide shade to keep us cool when it is hot outside. The flowers are pretty in the spring. I really also love the flat area at the bottom of the park. It is great for riding my bike and scooter on, or for using my roller skates.”‬‬‬  – Zoë (10)

“My favorite things about where we live are the park, the trees, the people, the fountain and the pretty plants and flowers” – Holly (7)