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Be Prepared for Snow This Winter

By November 24, 2020Connections, IHCA
Issaquah Highlands Snowy Streets

Seasons can change so quickly in Issaquah Highlands, and with the transition from fall to winter, we might soon see snow in our community. As a homeowner, there are some things you need to know before our first snow this season.

Did you know that, as a homeowner, you are responsible for the sidewalks on your property? That means it’s your responsibility (or your tenant’s) to clear snow from your sidewalk. While you might not want to leave your cozy bed to shovel snow, you can make the task a little easier with these tips:

  • Get up early and shovel. Doing so will ensure people have not already walked on the snow and compacted the surface. Once people walk on the snow-covered sidewalk and compact it, the surface becomes icy and it is very difficult to remove. Removing compacted snow could take hours and is back-breaking work but removing snow before people walk on it takes very little time. If you missed the gym during the pandemic and want to get a little extra exercise (and be a good neighbor), you can shovel your neighbor’s sidewalk, too.
  • Get your supplies now. It is easy to order or pick up supplies before a storm, but once a storm comes, all stores will be sold out. The Issaquah Highlands Community Association orders its snow supplies in October.

We are a close and very active community. Keeping our public walkways safe is a way we can all participate in the spirit of community.