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Census 2020: Everyone Counts!

By February 19, 2020Connections
Census 2020

Help your neighbors and your community by completing the census and encouraging others to, also! The census affects the allocation of funding for our community’s public resources (e.g., roads, hospitals, schools), how we plan for the future, and our representation in the federal government. It also has public implications, helping local organizations with information needed to apply for grant money, or even allowing them to learn the demographics of the community we live in.

What is the census? Every 10 years, the U.S. Census Bureau undertakes a mammoth task: counting all the people residing (even if living here temporarily) in the United States. Each home will receive an invitation to respond to ten questions — online, by phone, or by mail. Invitations will begin to arrive by the mail in early March.

The census is translated into many different languages. The online version, in addition to English, has 12 other languages provided. If you take the census by phone, there are 59 other languages provided.

All responses are confidential and protected by law. The Census Bureau also has a robust cybersecurity program that incorporates industry best practices and federal security standards for encrypting data.

Representatives for the Census Bureau are already active in the community. It’s important to note they will have proper identification, will never ask for your immigration status, Social Security number, bank or credit card account numbers, money, for donations, or anything on behalf of a political party.

Get ready for the census and make it count! Make sure you and your family members are accounted for.

Learn more about the census and how it works at and at Specific information for foreign born residents can be found here.