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First Families

By November 29, 2018Connections
Issaquah Highlands First Families

These three families moved into the very first homes in Issaquah Highlands in 1998, located on Jade Street. This year, they celebrate 20 years as residents! Read their unique stories below.

Issaquah Highlands Pilapil FamilyHouse #1: The Pilapils

When Edwin and Maria Teresa Pilapil visited the then new Issaquah Highlands community, intrigued by the promise of a high-tech urban village, they acted fast and bought house No.1! They have lived there ever since.

“When we first moved to IH, we expected a great community with lots of potential. We also wanted to be in an area where we knew we could stay awhile, plant our roots and raise our son.

Our son and his family now live just up the hill. One day, my wife and I were walking and saw a house that we thought would be perfect for our son, who was still in high school at the time. We bought it and now, 15 years later, he still lives there with a family of his own.

There was just one model home and a handful of framed up houses when we learned about the neighborhood concept and vision and we were sold. It has been great to see that vision and concept come to fruition over the past 20 years.”

Edwin Pilapil

Issaquah Highlands Geoff WalkerHouse #2: The Walkers

The Walkers bought house No. 2 and moved into a second home in Issaquah Highlands a couple years later. They got involved in the community early on. Ursula served on the Community Development Committee. Geoff was appointed to the Urban Village Development Commission (UVDC), quickly becoming its chairman.

“While we loved our first home, we wanted to move into a bit larger house where our family of five could live comfortably for many years. The kids are grown now, and we still love living on this street.

Within a couple years of our moving here, two other family members did too, and in another two years, we had five family homes in the community. It’s been a blessing to have so many family members around to spend time with, run into in random places, be close to support each other in times of need, and be together to celebrate holidays and life’s milestones.”

Geoff Walker

Issaquah Highlands Karl LeighHouse #3: The Leighs

Karl and Lacey Leigh, and their two boys, moved into house No. 3 on Jade Street and are now on their third home in Issaquah Highlands. Lacey also served on the Community Development Committee. Karl joined Geoff on the Urban Village Development Commission (UVDC), serving as vice chairman.

“We started on Jade Street because it was the right house, right price, right location! House No. 2 was a bigger house at a great location that happened to be near a lot of friends from our first neighborhood.

House No. 3 was about downsizing (and less yard work) with the benefit of walking distance to Starbucks, Safeway, Ram, Regal, etc. We’ve sort of had the right house for different phases of life. All within 1 mile of each other. We’ve made wonderful friends at each of our three stops in Issaquah Highlands. One friend shared: neighbors by chance, friends by choice. We’ve been very fortunate.”

Karl Leigh