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Five Questions with Dave McDaniel, Battalion Chief, Eastside Fire & Rescue

By April 29, 2021February 17th, 2022General

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In the Spring 2021 issue of Connections, Dahlia Park resident and CERT Team 9 leader Bob Otis wrote about his concern for wildfire threats in our area and provided tips on how you could begin to prepare for a potential wildfire emergency at home. To explore this topic more deeply, I spoke with Battalion Chief Dave McDaniel of Eastside Fire & Rescue (EFR) and asked him if Issaquah Highlands residents should be concerned about our forested community borders. What should we do as homeowners to prepare for a wildfire threat? Chief McDaniel also answers questions about how EFR prepares for wildfires, their training, and the equipment EFR owns for this type of emergency.

To learn more, check out the resources provided by the National Fire Protection Association, Eastside Fire & Rescue, and the King County Conservation District.

Christy Garrard is the executive director of Highlands Council and a Dahlia Park resident.
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