Community Partners

Community Partners

Highlands Council has mutually beneficial relationships with Community Partners with regards to programming and services.

Influence the Choice
Life Enrichment Options (LEO)
Issaquah Food Bank

Beneficiary Partners

Highlands Council supports Beneficiary Partners via collection drives and media support as requested.

Eastside Baby Corner
Issaquah School District
Eastside Friends of Seniors
Issaquah Chamber of Commerce

How does Highlands Council designate Community Partners?

Issaquah is home to many outstanding community organizations. Highlands Council is proud to partner with other local nonprofits to benefit the community. While the organization cannot partner with all those serving our community, Highlands Council reviews opportunities each year and designates partners for the coming year.

Highlands Council gives careful consideration to who, when, and how to donate the use of Blakely Hall or provide advertising at no cost. Highlands Council uses its Mission and Values Statement and the Covenant for Community (Chapters 2.2 and Chapter 4) as a guideline and filter for designating community partners and level of benefit.

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