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Garbage Enclosers ARC Solution

By October 8, 2014January 28th, 2015Front Page

IHCA ARC Blurb of the Month….from October Connections

Did you know… that if you do not want to store your trash cans in your garage you can build or buy an enclosure for storing them?  The ARC has pre-approved the designs, two shown here. You can get immediate approval on your application for installing one of them and there is no application fee required. See the IHCA section (page 20) of October Connections for more details.

Although they will be hibernating soon, bears have been very active this year so it is important not to leave your cans out where our furry friends can get an easy meal. Install your enclosure before they wake up next spring.

garbage do it yourself





(This do-it-yourself enclose is allowed as is the Leisure enclosure shown above, which are available at Home Depot or on line.)