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Goats Arrive July 10th!

By June 21, 2018July 10th, 2018Connections, IHCA
Goats in Issaquah Highlands

UPDATE 7/10/18: Goats will arrive in the community on July 11!

Approximately 75 goats will return to Issaquah Highlands for several weeks in July. Their mission, as before, is to mow and maintain open space on our steeper and less-accessible slopes. It’s a very successful program which has become something of a tradition here in the Highlands.

Due to increased liability exposure, the IHCA has reduced the areas of service for a second year and there will be no goats between 25th street and 30th street sloped areas. In order to protect the herd, a herder will guard the work sites 24 hours a day with a trained herd dog and video surveillance cameras. Your assistance for the goat’s safety is essential for the future of this program.

Goats in Issaquah HighlandsPlease follow the rules for the goat’s safety:

DO NOT FEED THE GOATS:  Goats must not be fed yard prunings or human food. Herders take extra precautions by inspecting the open space tracts and remove any poisonous plants which may be harmful to the goats prior to placing them on the slopes. Believe it or not, goats have very sensitive stomachs and many plants/foods are fatal to goats.

KEEP DOGS AWAY: Dogs look like wolves to a goat, which may cause a stampede of the herd. At a minimum, dogs MUST be on a leash (it’s the law) when visiting the goats, and ideally, they should be kept away. Goats don’t know if Fido is friendly or not; they perceive them as a threat.

NO TRESPASSING: No one is allowed in any designated goat herd areas at any time for any reason (except the herder and IHCA staff). There are electric fences around the herd perimeters.

NO MOTORIZED VEHICLES: Motor vehicles are not allowed on trails and path ways except Herder, City or IHCA staff. This includes golf charts.

We need your to help to protect the goats and this program. If you see something suspicious, say something.

Please report vandalism or suspicious activity immediately to the IHCA at 425-223-8887.

Vandalism act in progress? Call 911!

The IHCA will prosecute trespassers to the full extent of the law. 

Thank you in advance for your cooperation! Enjoy the goats!

Correction: The previous version of this post noted 240 goats would be working in the community. The updated number is 75.