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Green Holidays: Aline’s “Green” Table Decor How Tos

By November 27, 2019December 4th, 2019Connections, Holidays
Green Holidays Issaquah Highlands Crafts

In December’s issue of Connections, Issaquah Highlands resident and eco-artist, Aline Bloch, shared tips and how tos to enjoy a more sustainable holiday season. Here she shares two additional how tos to create “green” holiday table decor: creating a rosemary mini wreath, and creating golden leaf place cards. 

How To: Create a Rosemary Mini Wreath

Scented, compostable decor for candles or place cards. Photos by Aline Bloch. (Source:


  • Fresh rosemary, sprigs 7-8 inches long
  • Twine
  • Floral wire
  • Scissors


  1. Soak the rosemary in a water bath to make the sprigs pliable and clean
  2. Shape the rosemary sprigs into a circle
  3. Attach the tips with floral wire
  4. Wind the twine around and tie a bow to cover the wire
DIY Mini Wreath
DIY Mini Wreath
DIY Mini Wreath Candles

How To: Create Golden Leaf Place Cards


  • Thin and green leaves (I used rhododendron leaves)
  • Gold or silver paint and a paintbrush
  • Metallic gold sharpie


  1. Paint a third of the leaf with gold or silver paint.
  2. Apply three coats. Let dry between each coat.
  3. Write each guest’s name on a leaf with the sharpie
Gold leaf place card
Green Holidays Eco-Friendly Wrapping

What About Wrapping Paper?

Did you know most store-bought wrapping paper is NOT recyclable? It only takes a few seconds to unwrap a gift, and all that shredded paper heads off to the landfill.

Good news! There are eco-friendly ways to wrap all your holiday gifts. Bring a small unwrapped gift to our FREE Living Green: Green Holidays Workshop on Saturday, December 7, at Blakely Hall. Be sure to pre-register HERE >