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Habits for an Organized Life: Tips for February

By February 22, 2021General
Organized bedroom

Feeling overwhelmed is one of the biggest challenges to staying organized. Instead of letting things build-up, consider small daily habits. I highly recommend using this method to be more productive and avoid a mess that takes up too much of your valuable time and energy.

This year, I will give you a few small habits to add to your life each month. Starting this month, try doing the following:

Make your bed.

Get this done right when you wake up. This task may seem negligible, but it will set the tone for the rest of your day. Your bed doesn’t need to look Pinterest-perfect; just pull the sheets up, flip the comforter, toss the pillows in place, and get that throw blanket at the foot of the bed. While this task only takes a few minutes, the payoff can be great. Mindset is everything.

Clean off your counters as you go.

Leaving items out to deal with “later” only adds to your daily to-do list. When you get ready in the morning, put everything back in its container, drawer, or on its shelf. Wrap cords and put your hairdryer or shaver away, pick up towels, and maybe even give the counter a quick wipe.

When you head downstairs, be sure to put things away as you make coffee and breakfast. If you followed along with my 2020 organizing calendar and got your pantry and kitchen cleaned up, this new, small habit will help you keep those spaces in shape. A little daily maintenance makes all the difference.

Taking the few extra steps to clear your bathroom and kitchen counters as you go eliminates a lot of clutter over time, and it eases that discouraging feeling of having to constantly revisit your organizing systems.

You will be surprised how fast you start feeling less frazzled and disorganized after you fit a few small daily habits into your life. Don’t set yourself up with unrealistic expectations; start small and strive for progress and consistency over perfection.

Johnna Masterson is the owner of Inspired and Organized and a Central Park resident. 
Photo provided by Johnna Masterson.