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Hop to It! How to Host a Neighborhood Egg Hunt

By April 3, 2019General
Issaquah Highlands Egg Hunt

The community parks in Issaquah Highlands are perfect for gathering neighbors together for an egg hunt in the spring! One of my favorite traditions living in Wisteria Park is our annual egg hunt – it’s really easy to organize so it’s not a burden on just one person.

We’re going to show you how you can organize a fun egg hunt for your neighborhood with our simple toolkit!

  1. Pick a date – we do our Wisteria Park Egg Hunt on the day before Easter every year, but you can pick any date that works for your neighborhood.
  2. Spread the word:
    • If you have a Facebook group for your individual neighborhood, create an event and post there.
    • If you have an email list for your neighbors, send them all a message.
    • Distribute flyers – you can hang a few up near your park and/or have a volunteer leave one on everyone’s door (kids love this job!)
  1. Solicit volunteers – people will often reach out to ask what they can do to help. We try to have people assigned to bring a folding table, Starbuck’s coffee traveler, a few boxes of donuts, napkins, tablecloth, garbage bags, etc. Everyone else can just bring a snack of their choice to share.
  2. Before your egg hunt is set to begin, meet the parents at the park and hide eggs. All families bring 10 pre-filled eggs for each child they have attending the hunt, that way each child will get to take home 10 eggs. Families hide the eggs around the park (we like to leave some left out in the open for the littler kids, then hide a few in harder places to challenge the older ones). We also recommend setting up a table in the park for people to place any food they bring to share.
  3. It’s go time! Have a volunteer (we love when we have a high schooler to do this) line up the kids and explain the rules. We let kids who are in preschool or below go first, then after a few minutes we let the kids in Kindergarten and above go.

Enjoy! Once each child has found their 10 eggs, the kids will want to congregate to open their eggs, and the adults can enjoy coffee and treats while connecting with neighbors.  Don’t forget to take lots of pictures (and be sure to share some with us at Highlands Council– – we’d love to see all the fun you had)!