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How to Host a Block Party

Issaquah Highlands Block Party Tips

Block parties are a summer tradition in Issaquah Highlands. Each neighborhood was planned with this in mind: all have a park, a courtyard or an alley that is perfectly suited for neighbors to gather for that annual get-together.

Are you feeling like you’d like to host a block party but don’t know where to begin? Here are a few starter tips. And remember that the staff at Highlands Council are happy to help you along the way.

Besides that, Highlands Council has a trailer filled with everything you need to host an outdoor party! We call it the Party Wagon and it is FREE to reserve for your neighborhood block party when everyone in your neighborhood is invited. Find details and a reservation form at

Block Party Planning Tips

Plan to shut it down by dusk and mind the noise. All parks in Issaquah Highlands close at dusk. And City of Issaquah police enforces laws that limit noise allowed from neighbors. If all the neighbors are at the Block Party, this is less of a problem, but do be considerate to those who do not attend.

What is the best way to get the word out? The earlier you start to promote your party, the better. Use social media such as Facebook or e-vites. You can distribute door-hangers, but make sure they are affixed to the door or door handle. Track the RSVPs and follow up! Neighbors need reminders, too!

Make it a potluck: Spread the burden of putting on a party, and welcome neighbors to share their family-favorite foods by making your block party a potluck. All you have to provide is tables, plates, silverware, and service utensils.

Plan to be welcoming. Prepare to have name tags for everyone. Have someone (or a team) greet new arrivals.

And welcome help! Hosting a block party can feel overwhelming if one person takes on the entire event. And it’s more fun to plan with a small team. Engage your neighbors early on. Involve teens and older kids, too!

See a complete guide to organizing a block party at

Party Wagon Reservations

The Party Wagon must be reserved at least two weeks in advance so delivery can be scheduled. Contact  Highlands Council at Blakely Hall at 425-50-1107 or by emailing There is a simple form and refundable damage deposit collected at the time of the reservation.