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IHCA BOD Candidates June 2019

By June 12, 2019Connections, IHCA

Voting is open June 3-21. Log in to your district’s voting website as described on your election announcement, sent to homeowners by postal mail and email, which includes your unique registration code. If you did not receive your announcement, or have any other questions, please see this previous blog post.

Dan Vradenburg

District 1

Candidate: Dan Vradenburg

How long have you lived in Issaquah Highlands? 7 years

Educational background: JD, Washington University School of Law; BA, University of Washington

Association Experience: I have served the past six years on the IHCA Board of Directors.  Currently serve as Treasurer and Chair of the Finance Committee.  Previously served for two years as Vice President and member of the Covenant and Architectural Review Committees.

Why would you like to serve as a Director? As a member of the IHCA Board of Directors, my goals are to ensure Issaquah Highlands remains the most livable planned community achievable in harmony with our environment and the continued development of our community.  I also strive to create a collaborative, win-win relationship between and amongst the Board of Directors and the neighborhood of Issaquah Highlands.

Rossie Cruz

District 3

Candidate: Rossie Cruz

How long have you lived in Issaquah Highlands? Over 14 years

Association Experience: Costco Volunteers Board of Directors 1998-2007; Crofton Springs Neighborhood Committee 2007-present; IHCA Board of Directors 2016-present

Why would you like to serve as a Director?  I have always had an interest in being involved in our community.  The Highlands is a great community and neighborhood and I will do my best to keep it going in the right direction. Maintaining our property values for homeowners is a key component for the whole community.  While also preserving our diverse community values.

Bertan Aygun

District 3

Candidate: Bertan Aygun

How long have you lived in Issaquah Highlands? 6 years

Educational Background: University of Pennsylvania, Masters of Computer Science and Engineering (2005)

Association Experience: IHCA Architectural Review Committee member (2014 – present). Tanglewood – Klahanie HOA board member (2011-2016); Turkish American Cultural Association of WA Board member and treasurer (2008-2013)

Why would you like to serve as a Director? To continue being part of the community and contribute further to long term planning and care for IHCA as we plan to call this neighborhood home for a long time.

Jim Young

District 5

Candidate: Jim D. Young

How long have you lived in Issaquah Highlands? 12 years

Educational Background: BA Austin College; MA John Hopkins School of International Studies; MBA Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University

Professional Background: Retired Partner at Grant Thornton; over 30 years of public accounting

Association Experience: 1 year on the IHCA Finance Committee; 2 years as of the Finance Committee and the last 6 years as the President of the IHCA board of directors

Why would you like to serve as a Director? I would look forward to continuing to add my experience to the IHCA board of directors. Working with our strong management team we have had only a total of $36 increase in our assessments in the past 7 years; including no increase in the current year. Additionally, our capital replacement reserve is funded at the 100% level which is significantly better than the national average. Ensuring that our strong financial position continues is important to me as a homeowner. It has been an honor over the last 9 years to serve our special community.

Ben Rush

At Large

Candidate: Ben Rush

How long have you lived in Issaquah Highlands? 12 years

Educational Background: B.A. Business Administration, Portland State University

Association Experience: Member of IHCA Architectural Review Committee (ARC) for past nine years. Committee chairperson for last seven years. Appointed to IHCA Board of Directors in early 2018 for four months as interim fill-in after a board member was unable to fulfill their term. Commissioner for City of Issaquah Urban Village Development Commission (UVDC) for two years (term ended early as commission dissolved). Appointed April 2019 as commissioner for City of Issaquah Development Commission for a four-year term ending 2023.

Why would you like to serve as a Director? The enjoyment of understanding how local systems and processes function. The ability to provide my input and discuss topics with my peers based on my experience. To help better my community.

What does the Board Do?

The Board has all the powers and duties necessary for the administration of the IHCA affairs as set forth in the Declaration, By-Laws, Articles, and as provided by law. Duties include (to name a few): preparing the budget, levying and collecting assessments, providing for maintenance operations, personnel management, and making and amending use restriction and rules. (Description is based on the IHCA By-Laws.)