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IHCA Community Partners: Who Does What?

By March 23, 2022General
Issaquah Highlands drone aerial shot

The Issaquah Highlands Community Association (IHCA) does not manage all areas of the Issaquah Highlands community. In those areas, the IHCA works closely with the entities below:

  • The city of Issaquah owns and maintains all public streets, some open space and retention pond facilities, Central Park, Grand View Park (next to Kirk Park), and Black Nugget Park (including the tennis courts). The Issaquah Police Department oversees city-level code enforcement, vehicle, and crime issues.
  • King County maintains multiple areas within this community, such as some open space areas in wetlands. The Grand Ridge trail and Grand Ridge Drive neighborhood are within unincorporated King County.
  • Regency Centers manages Grand Ridge Plaza and all commercial businesses within that commercial sector.
  • Highlands Council owns and manages Blakey Hall.
  • Highlands Fiber Network manages and maintains the community’s fiber network.
  • Campuses, such as condominiums, the YWCA, or apartment complexes, are managed by various other entities.

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