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IHCA Maintenance Facility Construction Begins

By September 21, 2017IHCA
IHCA Maintenance Facilities Building Construction

For over a year the Issaquah Highlands Community Association (IHCA) has been planning a new and much needed maintenance facility. The IHCA landscaping and maintenance departments have been operating in temporary storage pods for years with no running water or bathroom facilities. I am excited to announce that construction will begin next week! 

In preparation, and for everyone’s safety, the IHCA will be creating a temporary, pedestrian friendly, gravel path on the left hand side of the paved trail that runs from Park Drive at Trail Head Vista to Natalie Way.  The paved trail will be used by construction vehicles and we ask that pedestrians keep clear and use the temporary gravel path during the construction process.

Construction hours will be Monday – Saturday 7am-6pm in accordance to city ordinance. We hope to wrap up the construction process in about 3 months (weather dependent).

The 3,000 square feet structure will be used to house the IHCA  landscaping and maintenance equipment and the vehicle fleet.

The IHCA Board has worked diligently to establish funds for this facility without impacting operating dollars or an increase in IHCA assessments.

I would like to personally thank the IHCA Board of Directors and the IHCA Finance Committee for investing in our future which will greatly increase our efficiency and better equip the IHCA staff to serve the needs of our growing community.

– Sarah Hoey, Executive Director 


For your safety, please use the temporary pedestrian-friendly corridor (in red), not the paved path, during construction.