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IHCA Storm Cleanup and Inclement Weather Preparation

By November 8, 2021December 31st, 2021IHCA

Two weeks ago, our community was greatly affected by a big windstorm. Unfortunately, we lost many trees, big and small, and branches. An Issaquah Highlands Community Association (IHCA) team member was on-site immediately to survey the damage. A big thanks to Matthew Hendrikse, IHCA facility maintenance manager, for his fast action. We will replace the downed trees as the weather allows and depending on availability. We may be required to replace some trees in the spring.

Leaf Cleanup
Did you know the IHCA common areas have 62 different types of trees? Depending on the type of tree, leaves fall at different times. In a perfect world, all the trees would lose their leaves at the same time for a one-time cleanup. At the current rate of leaves falling, the IHCA maintenance and landscaping teams clear out approximately 80 yards of leaves every week. I assure you the IHCA will continue to clean up until the last leaves fall.

Irrigation System Shutdown
The IHCA team has shut down the entire irrigation system for the season. Please report any irrigation leaks to the IHCA office as soon as you can. After we shut down the system, any leaks could indicate major breaks to meters or valves; we must respond quickly to prevent massive water loss.

Preparation for Winter Storms
In times of inclement weather such as wind, ice, and snow, the IHCA team is prepared to jump into action 24 hours a day. Please download the IHCA mobile app for up-to-date IHCA announcements (available on the iOS and Android app stores). If you already have the app, invite a neighbor to download it as well.

Resident Responsibilities Reminder

  • The sidewalk in front of your home is your (the resident’s) responsibility.
  • Please ensure your property’s landscaping is trimmed off the public right of way and does not impede walkability. Vegetation should be cut back from any adjacent walkways.
  • Prepare your home with a snow shovel and ice melt for garage and sidewalk clearing.

IHCA Contact Information

  • IHCA office phone: 425-427-4720 (The IHCA office is open Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.)
  • IHCA after-hours emergency contact (for common areas only): 425-223-8887
  • Email:
  • Contact us through the IHCA mobile app; download via Google Play or Apple App Store.
  • Additional contact information is available on our website.

Stay warm, stay safe; the IHCA team is here if you need us.

Sarah Hoey, CMCA, AMS, LSM
IHCA Executive Director