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Infographic: How Will Neighbors Celebrate Valentine’s Day 2021?

By February 9, 2021General
Valentine's Day infographic

Valentine’s Day, the holiday for lovebirds on February 14, is upon us. While stores are packed with Valentine’s Day gifts and treats like any other year, this particular Valentine’s Day will likely be different due to pandemic-related limitations. I recently held a poll in the Issaquah Highlands Facebook group to ask how neighbors will celebrate Valentine’s Day during these crazy times.

Out of almost 150 participants, 30% of the Issaquah Highlands neighbors who answered said they will not partake in the day’s classic flower and chocolate exchange, treating the holiday like any other day. About a quarter of participants will indulge in some sort of special meal to celebrate. Mini-getaways were the least popular option, likely a side effect of the pandemic.

Here’s the full breakdown (out of 149 participants): 

  • Just Another Day (30%)
  • Special Meal (23%)
  • Outdoor Adventure (19%)
  • Not Taken Yet (15%)
  • Romantic Gift (11%)
  • Mini Getaway (2%)

Whether you’re celebrating with someone special or are “not taken yet,” from one neighbor to another, I hope you have a lovely February 14.

Ella Turlington is a Concord Commons resident.