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Issaquah Highlands’ 2020 Volunteer of the Year: Johnna Masterson

Johnna Masterson Volunteer of the Year

“There really is no better way to feel connected to your community than to take part in the supporting and building of that community.” – Johnna Masterson

Congratulations to Johnna Masterson on being named Issaquah Highlands’ 2020 Volunteer of the Year! With her giving spirit and heart for community, Johnna earned this recognition for her dedication to making Issaquah Highlands a place for everyone to call “home.”

Since moving to the Central Park neighborhood from Kirkland with her family 12 years ago, Johnna has looked for ways to connect with neighbors while showing her four boys the importance of giving their time. Over the years, the family has been involved in several Highlands Days, Green Halloween, winter celebrations, Highlands Youth Advisory Board (HY) events, and more.

On top of starting her own small business, Inspired and Organized, Johnna has become even more active in volunteering with Highlands Council over the past couple of years. In 2019, Johnna volunteered to write a column for Connections to share her expertise in home organization. Seeing a need for residents without garages to have a way to participate in our community-wide garage sales, Johnna hosted Yard Sales on Village Green last year. Knowing that people may need help getting organized before the garage sale, she taught hands-on “Sell $mart” workshops before each sale at Blakely Hall.

Acting on her desire to help small business owners network in a meaningful way, Johnna started the connection-based Issaquah Highlands Business Networking Group in January, blending the best parts of other networking meetings and events. With over 200 members, Johnna continues to bring this inclusive group together online during coronavirus closures, helping business owners support each other through the changing business landscape.

Early in the coronavirus crisis, Johnna was following discussions on neighborhood Facebook groups and recognized there was a lot of fear around the need for childcare and food. To help ease that stress for families, she set up “IH Helping Neighbors in NEED,” an online signup form to connect neighbors who need a little extra help with neighbors who are able to provide that help. In just a few days, Johnna was able to connect 75 children and their families with volunteers who were happy to help provide food and other essential items.

We hope learning more about Johnna and other community volunteers in this feature inspires you to get involved in our community. We would love to meet with you to discuss new ideas or just help you feel more connected! Please reach out and let’s chat.

Johnna is one of the most caring and kind community members I know. She cares deeply for the Issaquah Highlands and is one of the greatest small business supporters out there. Her passion and tenacity are what sets her apart. Johnna is a wonderful leader and enjoys seeing others succeed. She is a true cheerleader at heart and a great friend to all who know her. “

Lynn Crane, Harrison Street resident

Johnna is one of the kindest, most caring people I have ever met. I am grateful to work with her as a volunteer, and even more grateful to call her my friend. Our community is stronger because of her – she truly helps make it a place I’m proud to call home.”

Lindsey Pinkston, Highlands Council Community Programming Manager and Wisteria Park resident

Johnna is easy to work with and wants everyone to succeed! That’s a rare quality and her positive attitude is much appreciated!”

Matt Crevin, Founder, TalkShop

I don’t know how she does it! Johnna gets more done in a day than most of in a week! She juggles parenting and her own business and still finds so much time to give to the community. Johnna is an amazing person. We are so lucky she chose Issaquah Highlands as her home!”

Nina Milligan, Highlands Council Communications Manager and Starpoint resident

I cannot think of a more worthy volunteer of the year! Johnna is such a huge asset to this community. She works so hard to make our community a better place and is so selfless, especially in her work with the networking group. So happy for her!”

Marta Cicero, 30th Ave NE resident

Johnna Masterson truly believes that Black lives matter...She practices very basic fundamentals of living her life as a straightforward, honest...person.”

Krista Mehr, Harrison Street resident

Johnna Masterson is not only a great friend, but an outstanding neighbor and a mother. She gives and gives more, without any hesitation, to her community than anyone I know. No matter how much she has on her plate of things to do, she will find a way to help a friend/neighbor out. I don’t know how she does it, but she gets it done. We are truly lucky to have Johnna in our community and as a friend.”

Kelly Su, 25th Ave NE resident

Photo (clockwise from top right): Johnna with her four sons; Johnna (far right) with attendees of the first IH Business Networking Group meetup; Johnna and her son at 2019’s GAME ON! Highlands Day; and Johnna (left) attends Halloween Bingo at Blakely Hall.

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