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Issaquah Highlands Goats Featured on Japanese TV

By August 8, 2019IHCA
Issaquah Highlands Goats TV

On August 2, Japanese television network, Fuji TV, reached out to Highlands Council through our official community Facebook page regarding “The Great Goat Escape” that took place in the community on July 30. The goats are hired each year by the IHCA. They mow and trim the vegetation on our steep slope open spaces, spaces that are too steep for a mowing machine. This is the piece Fuji TV produced for morning news magazine program, “Mezamashi Terebi.”

Issaquah Highlands resident, Yoshimi Nakahara, volunteered to translate the video. Thank you, Yoshimi! Her translation is below:


Group of white animals are invading the residential area.


This video was taken on the 30th of last month in Washington state in US.


Number of goats has breakthrough the fence from the farm.


People believed that they have finished all the grass in the farm and they have wander off into the residential area for more grass.


In a second more than 200 goats have fill the street and porch in the neighborhood.


All the goats were munching on the flowers and grass deliciously.


If you look closely, the heeler is also puzzled and having difficulty getting them back.


The goat’s owner “I’m glad to find all my goats and I really appreciate all the helps I got from the people in the neighborhood”


3Hrs from the goat’s escape


Overflowing with goats that are following the owner.


With all the help from the people in the neighborhood, all the goats are back in their farm.