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January Volunteer of the Month: Sean Alexander

Sean ALexander Issaquah Highlands

Congratulations to Sean Alexander, our volunteer of the month for January! Sean has been a volunteer member of the Issaquah Highlands Community Association (IHCA) Architectural Review Committee (ARC) for the past three years, has spoken with his wife at Issaquah City Council meetings, as well as volunteering at events and activities in and around the Highlands.

Tell us what’s unique about your family?

We’re a blended, multi-generational family living under one roof and we are loving it. My wife, SueAnn, is a pilot, flying the 737 commercially and the C-17 in the USAF Reserves, and I lead a multi-national team at Microsoft. We’re also raising two sons, Ryan (16) and Tristan (12), with the help of SueAnn’s Mom, Dian, who came to live with us last year. You’ll often find Dian at Blakely Hall with the Photo Club or out photographing the fantastic birds that soar over the Highlands.

What do you love most about your neighborhood in the Highlands? 

We love how quickly our neighbors became friends despite our unusual family situation and schedules. A highlight is our end of summer neighborhood party and outdoor movie night. When the Highlands Council Party Wagon arrives, all of the kids get excited!

What drew you to volunteering in Issaquah Highlands? 

It was a conversation with fellow Issaquah Highlands resident Geoff Walker that was the tipping point in both our decision to move here and to volunteer. I’ve known Geoff for over 20 years and remember attending his open house when the Highlands was mostly undeveloped. Five years ago, we reconnected over coffee, and it was his passion for giving back to the community that won us over. In three years, I’ve gone from being a school volunteer to the Architectural Review Committee, to a Trustee for my University, mainly from this one conversation.

What advice would you have for someone considering or new to volunteering?

Just start! There’s no judgment, and you will grow and develop a new set of skills, a sense of belonging, and new friendships that reflect the diversity of our community.


Sean was interviewed by Sarah Hoey, IHCA Executive Director.

Photo: January Volunteer of the Month, Sean Alexander with his family: Ryan, Sean, Dian, SueAnn, and Tristan.