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June Volunteer of the Month: Allen Enebo

Allen Enebo family

When did you move to Issaquah Highlands, and from where? 
We are on our second Issaquah Highlands home. We originally moved here in 2006 from Hunters Ridge in the Klahanie area.

Why did you choose to live in Issaquah Highlands?
We had been watching it develop and grow as Issaquah residents, which intrigued us. Then Grand Ridge Elementary was built, and the idea of a walkable grade-school neighborhood really excited our young family. We love the diversity of the neighborhoods, the various groups, community events, and of course, the fiber network.

Tell us about your family.
Michelle and I have been married 26 years and have three wonderful girls. Jill, 22, is graduating this month from Western Washington. Ellie, 20, will be a junior at Boise State. Kate, 17, will be a senior at Issaquah. Our family has kept us very busy, along with Michelle’s photography business and my work in healthcare medical devices.

How did you become involved as a volunteer in Issaquah Highlands?
My first volunteer opportunity was as a division representative in Issaquah Highlands. I volunteered with my previous homeowners association and loved the opportunity to get to know my community and how it worked. Once that position was eliminated, I took a little break before jumping back in as an Highlands Fiber Network (HFN) board member, which has been a great experience. 

Have you had other volunteer roles while living in Issaquah Highlands?
I assisted with the HFN acquisition and feasibility study, which was a great experience that helped me understand HFN’s background and why Port Blakely created it. That is how and when I became an HFN board member. I love being involved and protecting a huge community asset. COVID impacted my work travel schedule and provided an opportunity for me to jump into a couple of new Highlands volunteer opportunities, including an exciting rebranding project for the community and the newest community entity, the Issaquah Highlands Community Fund. 

Tell us about your experience serving on the HFN Board. 
I have loved working with the other board members, protecting, enhancing, and maintaining one of the biggest assets in the Issaquah Highlands.

What do you hope for HFN for the future?
I am excited about the future of HFN. We will continue to enhance bandwidth offerings, expand to support all newly built Issaquah Highlands homes, and continue to evaluate and review new technologies that might benefit Issaquah Highlands residents. Once the network acquisition loan is paid off in 2022, we are most excited to be involved with the new Issaquah Highlands Community Fund to give back to the community.

Photo: Allen (middle) with his family (left to right): daughter Ellie, wife Michelle, and daughters Jill and Kate. Photo by Michelle Enebo. 

Allen Enebo is a member of both the HFN Board of Directors and the Issaquah Highlands Community Fund Board of Directors.