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Love Where You Live

Issaquah Highlands Doers and Dreamers Day of Service

Take 15 Minutes Each Month to Serve Your Community

As part of our Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.-inspired “Issaquah Highlands Doers and Dreamers Day of Service,” join the Issaquah Highlands Cross-Cultural Committee in setting aside 15 minutes each month this year to help keep our community beautiful. It all kicks off on Martin Luther King Jr. Day on Monday, January 18, and will continue once a month, taking place the last Monday of each month. For ideas on how to spend 15 minutes keeping our community beautiful, download “6 Ways to Serve in Only 15 Minutes.”

Dr. King continues to inspire us to dream of a brighter future. Many of us have dreams, but some people may feel their dreams can’t be achieved due to a particular struggle or conflict that stands in the way. Each person deserves to dream, and each person should have the resources to make their dreams come true. While the recent events of the COVID-19 pandemic brought discomfort and sadness, and the loss of many lives, including those of close family members, it is important not to give up hope.

The process of rebuilding what was lost must start at some point, and that time is now. We can use these experiences to better our choices and to make stronger ones now and in the future. Whether you choose to pick up trash, plant flowers, or find another way to love where we live, I invite you to join me this year on each monthly Issaquah Highlands Doers and Dreamers Day of Service and influence the world around us with small steps that can have a big impact.

Joseph Bone-Mazak is a Highlands Youth Advisory Board Member, high school freshman, and Issaquah Highlands Resident. 

A Note from Highlands Council

While we were discussing Martin Luther King Jr. Day at the October Issaquah Highlands Cross-Cultural Committee meeting, committee member Kimberly Kapustein shared a South African program she’d learned about called “Love Where You Live.”

Once a month, people of the community come together to clean up litter and “leave a trail of happiness behind” in public areas. Our committee loved this concept. Since it would be difficult to plan a large service project on Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service this year, we felt a program like “Love Where You Live” would be an easy way for Issaquah Highlands residents to serve individually or as a family, while making a big impact on the neighborhood. From there, the Issaquah Highlands Doers and Dreamers Day of Service was formed.

– Lindsey Pinkston, Community Program Manager, Highlands Council, and Wisteria Park Resident