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May Volunteer of the Month: Jamie Rosen

Jamie Rosen

I truly love meeting people and hearing their stories. I love bringing people together and building community. I love that I have so many opportunities to do this in our community.

When my family and I moved into the Sunset Walk neighborhood of the Highlands in 2015, we quickly bonded with the neighbors we shared walls with. Eager to meet more of our neighbors and help connect our community a bit better, we set out to organize a Map Your Neighborhood event and summer block party for Sunset Walk.

Thanks to the help of my daughters Aspen and Emily, my husband Brian, and my neighbor Saloni, our Map Your Neighborhood event and Block Party were a success. Neighbors now know each other’s names, are organizing their own events to connect, and best of all, have built new friendships. Our neighborhood feels connected.

My involvement in the Highlands started with building community and has quickly grown into advocating for issues I, and my neighbors, believe in, whether it is improving pedestrian safety on Park Drive or ensuring future development in the Highlands reflects the community’s wishes. My daughters’ and I have been to more meetings at Blakely Hall and City Hall then I care to admit (my seven-year-old will happily admit to all of them). But our voices and presence have driven real change.

My personal community involvement is driven by a passion to help make things better and a strong desire to teach my young daughters how to be active citizens through example. Amazing communities such as ours only genuinely survive and thrive when each of us takes responsibility for nurturing it. I’m grateful to help play a part, while teaching my daughters how to do the same.

What a lovely honor to be recognized among such a community of volunteers. I really appreciate the special recognition, thank you! It truly is a labor of love serving and helping my neighbors and our community.

Photo: Volunteer of the Month Jamie Rosen with husband Brian Moore and daughters Emily (on hip) and Aspen while on a recent trip to Leavenworth.

As published in May 2018 Connections