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October is Fire Prevention Month

By October 2, 2020IHCA
Fire Prevention Month

Even though emergencies can range in severity, the simplest details about your home can make a big difference, especially during a fire. Be sure to check the batteries in your home’s fire alarms and test fire extinguishers. Remind your family members of fire extinguisher locations at least annually and tell any housekeepers, babysitters, and guests of these locations as well.

Because fires can spread quickly, it’s important to remember the following to help you escape injury-free:

  • If fire is detected, yell “Fire! Call 911! Get out!” If the fire is small, aim a fire extinguisher at the base of the source of the flames. If otherwise, get out.
  • Crawl on the ground to the nearest escape exit. If possible, cover your nose and mouth with a moistened shirt or towel to prevent fumes from entering your lungs.
  • Feel all doors (not metal doorknobs) before opening to make sure they are not hot. If they are, use an alternative exit.
  • Plan evacuation routes from bedrooms. How will you get out if you are on the second floor?
  • Do not gather personal belongings while trying to exit. Items can be replaced, but you cannot!
  • Once you exit, stay outside and wait for emergency personnel. Pick a meeting point.
  • If your clothes catch fire, remember to stop, drop, and roll. Stop moving, drop to the floor, cover your face, and roll on the ground.

Note: Animals will hide under furniture or run outside.

Should the Issaquah Highlands encounter such an emergency, remember to be alert and stay calm. This will help you and your family stay safe and avoid potential injury.