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October Volunteer of the Month: Johnna Masterson

By October 3, 2019Connections, Volunteer
Johnna Masterson Issaquah Highlands Volunteer of the Month

“Issaquah Highlands is such a unique community! We love living here because it still has that small-town feel, even though it is far from that! Over the years we have connected with many people who have become more like family than friends. The kids around here are so blessed to have an ‘army of moms and dads’ looking out for them.”

– Johnna Masterson, Volunteer of the Month

Johnna Masterson family

Johnna with her family.

Johnna Masterson is one of those Highlands residents who gets very involved and cares deeply about the community. She works hard to keep it a wonderful place to raise children. “We are beyond grateful for all the opportunities living in the Highlands has given our family,” Johnna exclaims.

Johnna and her family moved to Issaquah Highlands from Kirkland 12 years ago, when her son Cash had just turned one. She now has four boys: Landon (three), Grafton (seven), Cash (12) and Jaden (17)  – a student in every school! “This gives us an even bigger opportunity to get connected and meet our neighbors,” Johnna says.

When Johnna’s family first moved here, she looked for ways to connect with her neighbors while showing her boys the importance of the gift of our time. “Highlands Council always welcomed us with open arms! I’ll never forget the one time where they made a “mini” Highlands Day t-shirt for Grafton’s very first volunteer gig years ago,” Johnna reminisced. “Any chance the boys and I get, we sign up! We have been involved in Green Halloween, many Highlands Days, winter celebrations, HY events, etc.”

In 2019 Johnna began volunteer writing for Connections news. In her column titled “The Declutter Challenge” she shares her expertise in home organization with a monthly community-wide declutter challenge. To help residents get ready for our two community-wide garage sales, Johnna taught “Sell $mart Workshops” at Blakely Hall. She then hosted the new Yard Sales on Village Green. Johnna was inspired to expand the Community-Wide Garage Sale by making it more accessible to all residents, especially those in town homes, apartments, condos, and homes without front yards or garages. She approached Highlands Council with her ideas and the Yard Sales on Village Green came to life.

Johnna recently started a small business called Inspired and Organized. She credits her success with the supportive and loving community around her. Johnna explains, “We all look out for and take care of each other, and that is just one reason our neighborhood is extraordinary! I always tell people who are just moving in, ‘there is nowhere better!’ Issaquah Highlands is a very special place; it is very dear to my heart.”

“Thank you for sharing your heart with our community and your talents with our team.”

– Highlands Council Executive Director, Christy Garrard

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