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“Owner of Record” Responsibilities Regarding Tenants

By September 7, 2016Connections, Front Page

By: Collene Cordova, IHCA Owner Services Coordinator-Compliance

When you purchased your home in the Issaquah Highlands, you agreed to abide by the CC&R’s. One of the rules in the Use Restrictions and Rules (URR’s) is that if you rent or lease your home you would notify the IHCA and you as the Owner must make available, to the lessee, copies of the Declaration, Bylaws, Community Wide Standards and the Use Restrictions and Rules.

Homes that are located within a community with HOA’s have set rules that all are to follow, both owners and renters. The only way renters would be aware of these rules is if they are provided to them by the owner. You may also direct them to our website at where all of the governing documents are located.

The lease, if you used one, is between you and your tenant. The IHCA does not bill tenants for any violations that are issued against the owners account. If there is a violation for landscaping or rules, we mail a copy of the violation notice to the property address made out to resident and one to the owner of record if a forwarding address is provided. The violation notices state that if you feel you have received this notice in error, you may appeal to the Covenant Committee within 30 days. Only the owner of record may submit an appeal.

The maintenance of the home and landscape is ultimately the responsibility of the owner of record. Whatever provisions that were made in the lease are for the lessor and lessee to work out. Our Violation Schedule Policy is set up as a Warning Notice, 1st Fine, 2nd Fine and 3rd Fine and Greater. However, if an owner has received a 1st Fine Notice, they will not revert back to a Warning Notice until they have been violation free for two years. We do not reset the clock for each new tenant as our violation schedule policy is based on the owner of record. If you would like to review this policy, please visit our website.