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Resident Business Profile: Kristin Montagne, New York Life

By May 25, 2021February 17th, 2022business, General

Kristin Montagne moved to Issaquah Highlands from Seattle in 2012 after her husband started a new position as director of music and worship at Sammamish Presbyterian Church in 2011. In addition to a shorter commute for her husband, Kristin was drawn to Issaquah Highlands’ beautiful scenery, walkable neighborhoods, the many parks, the great schools, and the sense of community. As she drove, she started dreaming about being a part of our community. She is still glad her family chose to live in Issaquah Highlands because they have thrived here.

New York Life logoKristin is a financial services professional with New York Life. Kristin started her business in August 2015 after moving on from a management career at Nordstrom. As a mom of three kids, Kristin knew she needed a career with a flexible schedule. In addition to a more flexible schedule, the ability to bring peace of mind to her clients, along with the freedom to personalize her business to match her own goals and desires, makes New York Life a perfect fit for Kristin. She helps her clients with foundational planning like life insurance, long-term care insurance, or disability insurance, as well as college planning, investments, retirement, and estate planning.

“[The women of New York Life are] strong producers and leaders in our company and communities, and I desire to soar amongst them,” Kristin said.

For Kristin, the most rewarding part of her business is earning the trust of a new client.

“There is nothing more rewarding than strong relationships built on trust,” Kristin said. “I work hard to earn people’s trust through discovering what matters most to them and providing financial solutions.”

Kristin feels Issaquah Highlands’ diverse population makes it is a good place for her business. She can help address a variety of needs. Sometimes that comes in the form of education, and sometimes that is a product or solution.

“Everyone can benefit from financial education, and the Highlands has almost every type of family and individual,” Kristin said.

Kristin’s biggest piece of advice for neighbors considering starting their own business: “Never, ever give up and don’t let others squelch your dreams. Stay laser-focused on your goals and find like-minded individuals to keep you accountable to your vision. Some days will be better than others.”

On hard days, Kristin says she keeps in mind this quote from Dr. Randy Marshall: “I work as if 100% depends on me, and I pray as if 100% depends on God.”

Kristin Montagne, New York Life: Website

Johnna Masterson is the owner of Inspired and Organized,  co-leader of the Issaquah Highlands Business Networking Group, and a Central Park resident. 

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