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Resident Business Profile: Matt Crevin, Talk Shop

By March 16, 2021March 18th, 2021business, General
Issaquah Highlands Resident Business Profile Talk Shop

Matt Crevin moved to Discovery Heights in Issaquah Highlands in 2012. The apartment community was new then, and Matt felt — considering all the local amenities — it would be a great place to raise his two sons.

Talk Shop logoMatt had been developing his business, Talk Shop, for years and officially launched in 2020. Talk Shop was born from the combination of his career evolution and his experiences coaching youth sports for nine years, serving as a mentor for the Issaquah Schools Foundation VOICE Program, and parenting two boys. During his time with the VOICE mentor program, he noticed a gap in the way teens communicate today. According to Matt, the norm of students using screens and apps to communicate has created real apprehension around having “real” conversations. He was inspired to create a solution to this ever-growing and pivotal issue.

“Talk Shop’s mission is to help today’s students become clear, concise, and confident communicators regardless of the situation or setting,” Matt said. “Talk Shop offers collaborative workshops for high school and college students that are focused on developing good communication habits they can put into action right now. I bring my background in professional sports, my experience in the corporate world with two Fortune 500 firms, and most importantly, my parenting experience directly into the content I deliver in each and every workshop.”

According to Matt, seeing the impact his programs have in getting today’s high school and college students “truly life ready” is the most rewarding part of his business. Matt believes developing communication skills will improve a student’s academic life, family life, and relationships, and will give students the ability to handle any conversation life throws their way.

Matt feels Issaquah Highlands is a good place for his business because of the sense of community.

“When I first started, an Issaquah Highlands resident opened her living room for me to deliver a Talk Shop Parent Education session to a group of parents. It was a built-in support system and helped me get my message out,” Matt said. “That pretty much sums up the sense of community I am referring to.”

Matt’s biggest piece of advice for neighbors considering starting their own business is don’t be afraid to ask for support.

“Quite simply, ask for support. It’s a bit of advice I offer job seekers all the time,” Matt said. “Just put yourself out there and ask people, ‘Can you support me?’ You’d be surprised how many people will offer guidance or recommendations to other services you need for your business. Issaquah Highlands is a very welcoming and supportive community to start a business.”

Talk Shop: Website

Johnna Masterson is the owner of Inspired and Organized,  co-leader of the Issaquah Highlands Business Networking Group, and a Central Park resident. 

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