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Rooted in Community: What is the Covenant for Community?

Port Blakely, the master developer of Issaquah Highlands, created the Covenant for Community in 2003, which established Highlands Council as a community organization. The covenant dictates how Highlands Council is governed and funded and describes the council’s duties to its stakeholders. Most homeowners in Issaquah Highlands are stakeholders in Highlands Council when they purchase their home. Stakeholders also include certain multifamily units and commercial/retail units.

The Covenant for Community is a legally filed document with King County that is attached to the title of a property. The major source of funding for Highlands Council, which is the Community Enhancement Fee is 0.25 of 1% (0.0025%)* on the resale price of the home, paid by the seller at closing. Commercial properties pay annually by their square footage, and multifamily owners pay annually by the number of doors.

The covenant also establishes that Issaquah Highlands homes and commercial and multifamily properties that are part of the covenant are required to take a minimum level of Highlands Fiber Network (HFN) service.

*Some exceptions apply. Contact Michele McFarland, Highlands Council controller, at to confirm your home’s status in the Covenant for Community and the Community Enhancement Fee for your home. Read the full document online >>

Christy Garrard is the executive director of Highlands Council and a Dahlia Park resident.

This article is part of a series from the Spring 2021 issue of Connections. Read the full “Rooted in Community” feature story in Spring 2021 Connections >> 

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