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Thank a Neighbor

By October 28, 2014March 27th, 2020Front Page

Excerpts from November 2014 Connections‘ feature story, Thank a Neighbor. We asked folks to take this opportunity to publicly thank a neighbor for any gesture or favor, big or small. We received an outpouring of gratitude from Dahlia Park to Crofton Springs to Harrison Street. We hope you will enjoy these little stories as they exemplify our quality of life here in Issaquah Highlands.

I would like to thank Nancy Chabot and Michelle Chung for looking out for my kids in the mornings on the way to school – the kids all gather and walk, but in bad weather they throw them all into their cars.  You gals are my extended family, and I love you both! Teresa Cowan

My son was supposed to pick me up from the airport on my way home from Peru but something came up and was not able to. My great neighbors Frank and Livy Woodman came to the rescue. I am very thankful for their kindness and caring. Thank you again, Frank and Livy. Elsa Benitez

Dear Mulberry St. Gang: I’d like to say thank you for an awesome ten years.  Our street has been filled with water wars, snow sleds, bikes, scooters, dogs, chalk and parents relaxing in lawn chairs.  I can always count on my neighbors for a missing egg or cube of butter.  Mulberry street rocks!!  Kim Goodman

Our neighbors Glenn and Amy Meyer are lovely! They watch our home, help move furniture, take care of our cats when we travel, let locked children in, and are just fun to share a glass of wine with. We lucked out by moving across the street from them. Lucky us!  The O’Neills

The proverb “It takes a village to raise a child” best describes my neighborhood.  I moved to the Highlands about three years ago, newly divorced and raising my kids on my own.  I chose the Highlands for the community and the school district but I got so much more than that.  I feel like I live such an incredible neighborhood with such amazing neighbors.  On any given day, I walk down our sidewalks and everyone has their front doors open and the kids all playing outside.  The kids know that our homes are open to all.  My neighbors Stacy Sprinkle and Heather Rasmus are the best neighbors anyone could ask for. It’s not uncommon for us to borrow butter, pick up groceries for each other,  pet sit when we are out of town, help watch our kids when needed, or simply stand outside and talk over a cup of coffee.  My kids are happy and although we have no family nearby, I feel like I’m surrounded by friends that feel like family.  I believe it does take a village……and I love my village.  Jessica Santos

I would love to thank my neighbor Lauren Olson for her multiple garden fresh cherry tomato deliveries this summer!  Delicious!  Jen, Bart, Cal, and Lily

My wife Karin and I just moved into the zHome neighborhood (our first home). Thanks to the other eight zHome families for such a warm welcome! Thanks to Eugene for meeting with us for coffee and giving us the initial lowdown on our neighborhood. Thanks to Shruti and Satya for sending out e-mail introducing us to all our other neighbors. Thanks to Max, James, and Timothy for their advice on zHome’s special water and energy systems, especially Max who shared loads of advice. Big thanks to Gordon and Kathy for getting the property taxes lowered for the entire neighborhood! Finally, thanks to all of the above for attending (and helping out with) our housewarming party. What a wonderfully friendly neighborhood! Karin and Bryan Bell

I’d like to thank all my fabulous neighbors on 14th/Iris/Jade for making our block so much fun. Between our annual camping trips, ice cream socials, “book club,” water fights, food sharing, plant watering, and a whole herd of kids on playing on the street – we are very lucky to live here!  Andrea Moretsky

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