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Tree Removal And Replacement on 18th and Katsura

By November 10, 2018IHCA
Raywood Ash Tree Replacement Issaquah Highlands
Raywood Ash

Raywood Ash trees will be replaced.

The IHCA will begin removing and replacing street trees along Katsura and 18th Avenue on Monday, November 12. The existing trees (Raywood Ash) will be replaced due to root failure and weak lateral branching, which may cause complete tree failure or severe breakage. This work will be done proactively before the trees become a safety issue for vehicles, homes and pedestrians.

The work is scheduled for three days: November 12 – 14. The IHCA will install two varieties of maple trees. Katsura Street will receive 18 new Pacific Sunset Maples to match the existing trees on that street. The existing trees on 18th Avenue will be replaced with Bowhall Maples. These trees are more columnar and narrow in shape and will be much more suited for such a small space.

Some of the sidewalks will temporarily close in order to provide contractor and pedestrian safety. In addition, sections of Katsura and 18th will have no parking signs installed in order to complete the needed work and to provide vehicle safety. All the affected areas will be cleaned up at the close of each workday and any hazardous areas will be clearly marked with caution tape and signage. Please be aware of these areas and the signage that is in place, it is there to provide safety for all parties involved.

Thank you all for your cooperation as we work to keep Issaquah Highlands a beautiful place to call home.

— Lyle Dickey, IHCA Landscape manager.

If you have any questions, please contact the IHCA office at 425-427-9257.