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Update from the Highlands Council Board of Trustees

Highlands Council

Welcome, Lisa Soboslai!

Lisa Soboslai and Sam Thacker

Lisa Soboslai with her husband, Sam Thacker, at Highlands Day 2019.

A 19-year resident of Issaquah Highlands, Lisa was appointed to the Highlands Council Board of Trustees on September 15, 2020. Lisa has also served on the Issaquah Highlands Community Association’s Covenant Committee. You will recognize Lisa and her husband, Sam Thacker, from various community events, including selling tickets at Highlands Day or participating in community bingo and trivia nights. Lisa was also our September 2019 Volunteer of the Month.

“I hope to provide additional perspective on community issues, including those of [residents who are] married with no kids, multi-family dwellers, older (but still super fun), and racially diverse. I also hope to leverage my knowledge and career experience in sales/marketing, entertainment, business development, and communication roles,” Lisa said.

The trustees look forward to learning from the expertise Lisa will bring to the organization’s community-building efforts.

Thank You, Gary Ashby!

Gary Ashby

Gary Ashby

Gary Ashby served as president of the Highlands Council Board of Trustees for just over a year. In that short time, Gary helped Highlands Council become a debt-free organization, fund health insurance benefits for our employees, launch the Issaquah Highlands Community Fund and introduce the idea of finding transportation solutions for the mobility challenged in Issaquah Highlands.

Unfortunately, as an essential worker, Gary faces increased demands for his professional support during the pandemic and recent national natural disasters (wildfires and hurricanes), requiring him to resign from his leadership role at Highlands Council to fully focus on his professional responsibilities. We are so glad we recognized Gary as a Volunteer of the Month in August. Gary still hopes to be active in the community as a volunteer for special events when the demands of his job allow for more time. The board of trustees is very grateful for his leadership contributions to the Issaquah Highlands community.

The board of trustees will elect a new president at the December 1, 2020 meeting. Meetings are open to the public. Click here for more information >>