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UVDC Approves 112 Townhome Development

On Tuesday, May 1st the Urban Village Development Commission (UVDC) approved Polygon Homes NW Site Development Permit application to build 111-2 townhomes on their land west of 9th Ave NE between Discovery Drive and High Street. These homes are expected to be a continuation of the town homes already under construction near Discovery Drive and 7th Ave NE.

A Site Development Permit (SDP) deals with lot lines and tracts, trails, roads and parking. The specific designs of building and landscaping permits are reviewed and approved through separate processes, which require approval by our own Issaquah Highlands Community Association (IHCA).

Under the purview of the UVDC, and scrutinized during this application process were issues such as:

  • Road and trail configurations
  • Pedestrian safety
  • Adequate vehicle parking
  • Maintenance responsibilities
  • Park amenities (i.e. p-patches)
  • Identifying facades that require additional architectural detail (based on visibility)
  • Storm water management

In April Polygon Homes NW first presented their application to build 111-2 townhomes to the Urban Village Development Commission (UVDC). The proposal consists of 111-2 condominium townhomes on 7.26 acres. Ten units will be “affordable.” The layout will be somewhat like the Polygon Homes built “Brownstones” to the south of Dick’s Sporting Goods. And like The Brownstones, the project will include 3-4 story buildings. You can read more about the project and the April meeting HERE >>.

You can learn more about the City of Issaquah’s Urban Village Development Commission (UVDC) HERE>>.

You can watch the video of the May 1st meeting of the UVDC HERE>>.

Westridge North Townhomes
Issues considered in this approval:

  • Circulation and Traffic Safety
  • Pedestrian Access
  • Parks and Trails
  • Parking
  • Building Orientation

This application is part of the development housing count we reported on in February Connections and in the Issaquah Highlands Development News/Update.

Polygon Westridge Townhome Issaquah Highlands