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Volunteer of the month, May: Robyn Davidson

Volunteering has become something I no longer do to complete volunteer hour sheets, but rather it has become something I enjoy doing to feel the pleasure of helping others.

My dad encouraged my brother and me to get involved at a young age helping out at the annual Highlands Day. Helping at the popcorn booth at the festival and seeing how my small hands helped the event is what started the spark in my passion for volunteering.

Dedicating a little portion of my time to help others, and seeing what an impact I can have, always puts a smile on my face. I believe the willingness of so many Highlands residents to volunteer is what makes our community so strong and beautiful. Seeing many residents’ eagerness to volunteer and with a smile on their face has also inspired me. Through many volunteer events I have met so many amazing people and have created life-long friends.VOM Robyn Davidson photo rgb2

I plan to volunteer in my upcoming college years as often as I can. I plan to major in a science field and then continue on in Law School. While working to get my major in one of the science fields I hope to get involved in research projects that may benefit my community or even better, the world. I plan to join clubs dedicated to improving the area around my campus. Whether that be cleaning up trails, or helping at a local food bank, I plan to get involved in improving wherever I end up. Volunteering in the Issaquah Highlands has meant so much to me and has shown me a passion that I love. I encourage other kids to get involved volunteering at local events and discovering the joys that come with helping others.