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Volunteer of the Year 2014

It is with great pride that we announce Larissa Kolasinski was VOTED BY YOU as the 2014 Volunteer of the Year! The polls were open through the end of January 2015 and across all 12 candidates we had more votes cast than any year prior!  It was a tight race between Larissa and another Volunteer of the month but then, like the track star she is, she easily pulled away in the end!

VOY 2014 Larissa KolasinskiLarissa was named Volunteer of the Month for her leadership as a founding member and current co-president of the HY (Highlands Youth) Advisory Board.  When the HY was initially formed a Strength Finders assessment named her top five strengths as: discipline, focus, futuristic, positivity, and achiever.  These words sum up Larissa’s contributions to the HY perfectly.  She applied to join the HY Advisory Board because she “wanted to have more community activities for teens and felt she could help lead that process.”  Indeed, along with her HY peers, she has set in motion many fun activities for middle and high school IH residents.

Larissa is a senior at Issaquah High School and a star member of the track and cross country teams.  While, at press time, she has not committed to a university, she is being courted by many and any school and athletic program will be fortunate to have her as a student and leader.  We look forward to watching Larissa in the years ahead.   Congratulations Larissa!  This community is extremely proud of you and your service to Issaquah Highlands.