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Volunteers of the Month: Pat Nell and Mike McMillin

Volunteering in the Highlands
By  Pat Nell and Mike McMillin

VOM Pat_Mike_Italynight2015

Mike McMillin (left) with fellow Volunteer of the Month Pat Nell (right) serving up some hospitality at a Travel Night at Blakely Hall with fellow Travel Club member, Peter Martin (center).

We settled into our Highlands home in the lovely Dahlia neighborhood in 2009. Living in the Highlands couldn’t get any better, we thought at that time. We had great jobs, family and friends close by, and whenever we had free time, you could find us walking or running around the neighborhood, attending to our community p-patch, hiking or biking around the PNW and frequenting the local restaurants. What could be better than that? However, something was missing and we realized it was a stronger connection to the growing population of the Highlands.

While we were known to some of our neighbors as the couple who traveled the world, we weren’t able to connect with any other travelers among the 8,000 plus residents in the Highlands until we were contacted by Highlands Council staff member, Nina Milligan. She and her connected a group of “travelers” to test the idea of starting a “Travel Club” for the Highlands! As you will see for yourself, if you attend a club event, your life will instantly become enriched with people who share your same interest.

This was made possible for us by volunteering as club leaders and committee members. The support of the Highlands Council and infrastructure of the Highlands made starting a club an easy task. We are so fortunate to have the use of Blakely Hall for club events and a staff who cares about how it’s run. Volunteering in the travel club has strengthened our connection to our neighborhood. This was what we needed.

If you are feeling an incomplete connection to your neighborhood, come to a club event and get to know us. You may have an idea to start your own club or share a travel experience at a travel club night. The Travel Club meets monthly (except for July and August) usually the 2nd Wednesday of the month at Blakely Hall from 7 to 9:30pm. We also hope to see you at Highlands Day on August 27. Stop by at our booth and make that connection and see what volunteering could do for you!