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Volunteers of the Month 2014

By December 31, 2014February 3rd, 2015Connections, Front Page, Uncategorized

Many thanks to all our Volunteers of the Month for 2014. The Volunteer of the Year will be announced at Volunteer Appreciation, March 20th at Blakely Hall.

January: Gudrun Fichter1 VOM Gudrun and family Jan 2014
Architectural Review Committee
But more often it is a very fun way to participate and maintain the high standards of Issaquah Highlands, our modern and beautiful community.


2 VOM Stevens Feb 2014February: Chantal Stevens
Community Garden Committee Chairperson
We treasure living within walking distance to the Park & Ride and businesses, the urban village feel, the access to miles of walking trails, and the many opportunities to participate in the life of the community.


3 VOM Gervis and Family March 2014-3March: Adam Gervis
Co-Chair HY (Highlands Youth Advisory Board)
Through everything my focus has always been on guiding young people; as a teacher, coach, or as a mentor my goal is to give direction and work with the ideas of the young people I am working with.


4 VOM Kim Kapustein April 2014April: Kimberly Kapustein
Special Event Leader for Highlands Day and Halloween in the Highlands
Also, by using volunteers from throughout the Highlands community, Highlands Council can be sure that event goals are “in tune” with what the community wants, and not just what organization members think they want.


5 VOM Linsey Option C May 2014May: Lindsey Pinkston
Book Club Leader
Volunteering is also a great opportunity for me to share with new parents all that our neighborhood has to offer for families.  I have always believed in the saying “It takes a village.”  I’m happy to call Issaquah Highlands my village, a place where neighbors become friends and friends are like family. 

6 VOM Henry Honig June 2014 2June: Henry Honig
Poker Night Co-Leader
Besides the obvious things like, family, health and security, there are two things that I find very important. One is community and the other is our environment. I feel very fortunate to live in an area that values both so highly! And as such, I reap great joy and gratification from contributing as a volunteer to organizations in our community that support and value these things as well.

7 VOM Larrisa K. July 2014 2July: Larissa Kolasinski
HY Board Co-President
Being a junior at Issaquah High School, I do not have a lot of extra time. But I make room in my schedule to volunteer. Volunteering is a great way to get involved and meet new people. The Highlands is a very welcoming neighborhood. We are just like one big family.


8 VOM Champley August 2014August: Michelle Champley
Pet Club and Workout Warriors
Yet one day I felt a need to do more. When I searched for the answer I realized I wanted to give back to the same community in which I live and work. I first used social media as a tool to listen to fellow residents on neighborhood forums, which soon led to actively participating and volunteering.


9 Bhavya Chhabra September 2014 2September: Bhavya Chhabra
HY Board Founding Co-President
Volunteering in the community gave me solutions, connections, and experiences, while having a gigantic effect on the people around me. I’m happy to say, that I’m a resident as well as a participant in this community.


10 VOM Ann Finney Oct 2014October: Ann Finney
Community Garden Committee Member
I challenge everyone to do what they can to contribute to sustainability, give back to our community and make a difference. Any act of innovation or improvement will do. Living here in this community, we have all won the lotto of life. Once our basic needs are met and we are reasonably comfortable, what makes us feel happy and worthwhile? Simply put, it’s doing some good.

11 VOM Vradenburg with wife Nov. 2014November: Dan Vradenburg
IHCA Board of Directors Member
I currently volunteer because the enhancement and vibrancy of our neighborhood matters to me and my family.  As a member of the Board, my goals are to ensure Issaquah Highlands remains the most livable planned community achievable in harmony with our environment and the continued development of our community and adjacent developments as well as to create a collaborative, win-win relationship between and amongst the Board of Directors and the neighborhoods of Issaquah Highlands.  My recommendation to you is very simple.  Volunteer early and volunteer often.  It is a rewarding experience and you can make a great difference.

Audrey PoppinsDecember: Audrey Slade
Special Event Leader for Highlands Day and Halloween in the Highlands
The more people I met, the more I learned about our community. The more opportunity I had to volunteer with Issaquah and Issaquah Highlands, the more I learned about the people who make up our neighborhoods. The more I volunteered, the more I learned giving back to the community is a core value of my neighbors. The more I learned, the more deeply I fell in love.