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Water-Wise Living in Issaquah Highlands

By July 25, 2016Connections

Water-Wise Living in Issaquah Highlands
By Collene Cordova, Owner Services Coordinator-ComplianceIHCA Water Wise August 2016

When Port Blakely Communities was in the process of developing the Issaquah Highlands, their vision was to develop and maintain a sustainable community to preserve the natural environment for both present and future generations. Because our community sits atop aquifers which store water for the City of Issaquah, it is of upmost importance that all of us who call this beautiful community home follow the guidelines established in the “Water-Wise Living in Issaquah Highlands” document which is often referred to as the Issaquah Highlands Community Manual.

This manual is full of valuable information to assist residents in everything from types of fertilizers to use, watering guide, managing pests, moss control, hazardous waste disposal and so much more. Did you know that if you use native plants and ground cover in your landscape that you will significantly reduce the amount of water necessary to sustain them and they also do not require fertilizer? You can obtain a list of native plants by visiting:

While a lush green lawn is also a beautiful choice, it does require more water, fertilizer and pest control to maintain its appearance. Some HOA’s require that lawns remain green throughout the summer.  Not so in the Issaquah Highlands! The Community Wide Standards allow your grass to go dormant (or turn brown) in the summer months. However, some lawns that experience extreme heat and lack of water do not recover in the fall and thus would need to be repaired.

Moss control is an ongoing battle in the Pacific Northwest due to our wet and rainy winters. One of the best defenses against moss on walkways, steps and fences is to scrape away with either a brush or pressure washer. It is recommended to have your roof professionally treated with a chemical moss remover made with potassium salts of fatty acids which is a biodegradable soap based product.

This manual also contains a list of household hazardous waste and the best practices for disposal. Our waste management company, Recology accepts special items collections or drop off sites for hazardous materials, such as used batteries. King County Hazardous Waste is yet another option. Please don’t pour hazardous chemicals down your drain.

The “Water Wise Living in Issaquah Highlands” document can be found on our website at . Click on Learn/IHCA and then scroll down until you find the link. Print a copy and keep it in your kitchen or garage as a guide. If we all follow these practices, we will continue to preserve and protect our groundwater supplies.