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Welcome Back Goats in July!

By June 28, 2021February 17th, 2022Connections, IHCA

Where are the goats in Issaquah Highlands?

The goats are done for the 2021 season! Check back in Summer 2022 for a updates on a new goat season in Issaquah Highlands!

Our friendly neighborhood goats will be back for the 15th year to help with vegetation control on some of our more difficult slopes. The goats will arrive the week of July 12, first working on the slope below the Vista Park neighborhood, located off 10th Avenue NE.

Issaquah Highlands goats shepherd Craig

Shepherd Craig Madsen returns with the Healing Hooves goat herd in July.

The goats will be here for a total of four weeks as they move to different areas throughout Issaquah Highlands. The goats are kept in their work area by an electrified perimeter fence and watched by a guard dog, Gigi, to keep them safe from people and predators. Gigi and the goats are accustomed to each other and can be in the same pen. Please leave your dog at home when you visit the goats so as not to scare or alarm Gigi.

The goats are particular about the food they eat, and some foods and plants are not healthy for them, so please do not feed the goats. We all love the goats, so please visit them and say “hi.” Let’s take care of them so they can continue to take care of our community.


  • Do not feed the goats.
  • Do not approach the working dogs without permission.
  • Leave your own dogs at home.
  • Stay back from the electric fencing.

In case of emergency, contact the shepherd Craig directly by phone/text at 509-990-7132. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the IHCA office at 425-427-9257 or send us an email.

For updates on the current location of the goats in the community, follow the Issaquah Highlands Facebook page or download the IHCA mobile app.

2021 Goat Vegetation Management Map

IHCA Goats 2020 Map

Lyle Dickey is the IHCA landscape manager. Photos by Nina Milligan.