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Winter Safety Tips for the Home

Issaquah Highlands Winter Safety Tips

Winter is coming: the season for warm blankets, sitting by the fireplace, drinking hot coca, and getting ready for the holidays. Amidst all this fun and frivolity, sometimes safety takes a back seat. Below are some home safety tips for snowy and icy conditions:

Before the Winds Blow and the Snow Flies:

  • Assure door and window seals are in good repair
  • Repair any loose or broken pieces in your roof, gutters, etc.
  • Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors; replace batteries as needed
  • Clean, inspect, or repair furnaces and fireplaces to prevent fires
  • Winterize all irrigation, pipes and faucets connected to the house to prevent frozen pipes and maintain water access
  • Consider installing a back-up generator in the event of power outages (see Oct Connections)
  • Update and restock first aid kit
  • Review and practice escape routes from the house to use in case of an emergency

When those Storms Hit (and they are expected to this year):

  • Remove all potential fire hazard materials away from the house (hanging tree branches, gasoline, oils etc.)
  • Shovel walkways and driveway to prevent slip-and-falls (Sidewalks in front of homes are homeowner responsibility)

Keep your winter months joyous by staying safe and being aware of possible conditions that could compromise your health and safety. Talk with neighbors and building contractors for advice on how to avoid winter disasters from snow and/or ice. Utilizing these tips not only creates a safer home, but can prevent winter time disasters from occurring. Now, have a safe and cozy season!