Community Rules & Standards

Issaquah Highlands is a visionary urban village created for the enjoyment and benefit of the entire community. Part of living in community involves following the standards, guidelines, and rules that ensure our neighborhoods remain clean, well-maintained, aesthetically pleasing, and safe while enhancing property values.

Note: Rules come from the “Use Restrictions & Rules” governing document labeled (URR) below. Standards come from the “Community-Wide Standards” governing document, labeled (CWS) below.

Do you plan to make changes to the exterior of your home or landscape? Review the relevant architectural guidelines and architectural review applications here.

Bed Standards (CWS)

Drainage: Rules (URR)

Fertilizers, Pesticides, and Dumping: Rules (URR)

Hazardous Chemicals, Environmental Compliance: Rules (URR)

Pesticide/ Herbicide Standards (CWS)

Plant Standards (CWS)

Turf Standards (CWS)

 Vacant Lot Standards (CWS)

Water Conservation, Lawn Irrigation: Rules (URR)

Water-Wise Living in Issaquah Highlands Manual

 Water Withdrawal: Rules (URR)

 Yard Standards (CWS)

Air Conditioners: Rules (URR)

 Alleyway Parking: Rules (URR)

 Antennas and Dishes: Rules (URR)

Basketball Backboards: Rules (URR)

Broken Window Standards (CWS)

Commune and Rooming House: Rules (URR)

Decks, Patios, and Porches: Rules (URR)

Disrepair: Rules (URR)

Fencing Standards (CWS)

 Flags and Banners: Rules (URR)

 Fuel Storage: Rules (URR)

Galvanized, Copper, or Treated Metals: Rules (URR)

Garages and Carports: Rules (URR)

Holiday Decorations: Rules (URR)

Home Business/Trade Office: Rules (URR)

Leasing of Units: Rules (URR)

 Outside Items: Rules (URR)

 Paint Standards (CWS)

 Roofing Standards (CWS)

Subdivision: Rules (CWS)

Timesharing: Rules (URR)

Trash: Rules (URR)

Vehicles and Equipment: Rules (URR)

Animals: Rules (URR)

Burning: Rules (URR)

Drones: Rules (URR)

Firearms: Rules (URR)

Garage and Estate Sales: Rules (URR)

Noise: Rules (URR)

Nuisances: Rules (URR)

Physical Disturbance: Rules (URR)

Restricted Breed Policy (URR)

Signage: Rules (URR)

Smoking: Rules (URR)

Wildlife: Rules (URR)

Violation of Laws: Rules (URR)

Bodies of Water: Rules (URR)

Critical Area Buffer Encroachment: Rules (URR)

Irrigation Equipment: Rules (URR)

Open Spaces, Parks, and Streetscapes Standards (CWS)

Private Park Use Rules (URR)

Storm Retention Ponds: Rules (URR)

Trails: Rules (URR)

Rule Enforcement

Learn more about the enforcement of community rules and standards in the Use Restrictions & Rules.

Have questions about community rules and standards?

Call the Issaquah Highlands Community Association (IHCA) at 425-427-9257 or send an email. 

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