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They’re Ba-a-ack!

They’re Ba-a-ack!

Approximately 400 goats will return to Issaquah Highlands for several weeks this month.

Goats from Healing Hooves arrive at Vista Park July 3 or 4.

Goats from Rent a Ruminant arrive at “Tract CW” (near 1642 24th and 1645 25th Avenues).  They will be at both locations for several days and they will be at Issaquah Highlands until the end of July.  Like us on Facebook  for announcements on when and where the goats will be moved. The moves are the most fun to watch of all the goat-fun to be had here in the Highlands.

Their mission, as before, is to mow and maintain about 20 acres of our steeper and less-accessible slopes.  It’s a very successful program which has attracted something of a following.  Part circus, part barnyard, the goats are entertaining with their antics and for those of us who love to see vegetation management perfected they are the sight and sound of success.


This cannot be overemphasized.  They are here to eat their way across these large, steep slopes and turn unwanted grass and weeds into fertilizer.  They must not be fed yard prunings or anything else for a couple of very simple reasons: the animals are hired to eat the high grass, not out of our hands.  The animals do not belong to us and they do not always know what is best for them.  This is why the goat wranglers clear a path for their electric fencing, inspecting the tract and removing or isolating any poisonous plants.  The goats are a very cost-effective approach for this work, too.  Replacing them with a human crew, if we could even find people willing to do such hard work, would cost the association about $175,000, increasing base assessments by about $35 per door.  Enjoy the show and appreciate their work, but


Dogs MUST be on a leash when visiting the goats (or actually anytime).  Ideally they should be kept away.  Goats see wolves when we bring our furry friends along.  A goat stampede cannot be controlled and can result in fatal injury to the animals and extensive property damage. Obviously such events also jeopardize the future of our goat rental program, too.

It’s old, but we still revel in being on the Colbert Report, Goats destroying American jobs, from back in 2010.