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Apply for the HY: Create Meaningful Experiences & Lasting Memories

HY Board group photo

The Highlands Youth Advisory Board is now accepting applications for the 2022-23 school year

Established in 2013, the Highlands Youth (HY) Advisory Board assists with the community-building work of Highlands Council, providing youth a voice in community matters. The mission of the HY Board is to unify Issaquah Highlands youth through meaningful and fun social experiences, create lasting memories, and build pride in our community.

While the HY could not return to full-scale in-person youth events last year due to continued pandemic restrictions, the 2021-22 HY Board accomplished a lot:

  • HY Board members hosted a series of six “Art of Adulting” workshops designed to help high school students learn critical life skills not taught in school.
  • Last summer, the HY Board played a valuable role in our Global Grub & Groove series, both in planning and working at the events.
  • The HY Board supported holiday programming, including the Santa Letters program and the pumpkin carving/decorating contest for kids, led by the middle school HY Board members, in conjunction with Highlands Council’s annual Fall-O-Ween contest.
  • HY Board members volunteered at a variety of community events, including last summer’s Grand Ridge Plaza “Pianos in the Park” event, our monthly Eco-Market, and January’s Blakely Hall Open House.

As we look forward to more in-person engagement in the coming year, we congratulate our 2022 HY Board graduating seniors, Anika Mehta, Sage Cowan, and Sophia Hashmey; each contributed to this community by sharing their leadership and passion.

Apply Now!

The HY Board is now accepting applications for 2022-23 Board positions. Ideal candidates are motivated, passionate, creative, and dedicated to making our community better. Candidates must live in Issaquah Highlands and enter seventh through 12th grade in Fall 2022. The deadline for application submissions is May 1. Highlands Council will invite top applicants to a personal interview for final consideration.

Apply online (via Survey Monkey)

Learn more about the HY Board

Lindsey Pinkston is the Highlands Council acting director and community program manager, and a Wisteria Park resident.

As published in Spring 2022 Connections