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Five Questions with Jeremy Fallt, HFN General Manager

By August 18, 2021February 17th, 2022General, HFN

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The Issaquah Highlands community owns the Highlands Fiber Network (HFN) that currently services 3,450 locations, 650 of those enjoying gigabyte internet speed. In this “Five Questions” interview, I asked Jeremy Fallt, HFN general manager (and Issaquah Highlands resident) about HFN’s unique business model, service issues, aging infrastructure investments, evolving technology, and how you can get more involved.

On HFN Service Issues

All HFN users are encouraged to contact the service center whenever they have a system concern. Jeremy explains that, unlike reporting a power outage, because the HFN network is so complex, everyone experiencing a (rare) disruption should call to report an outage at their own address. This allows service technicians to rapidly recognize a larger issue than simply diagnosing one resident’s equipment at a time.

On Getting Involved with HFN

A board of directors primarily composed of Issaquah Highlands homeowners governs HFN. HFN expects to have board openings in early 2022. If you are interested in learning more about the network and feel you are qualified to be part of the leadership of this community-owned amenity, consider attending the monthly meetings (third Mondays, 5-6 p.m.) to learn more or contact Jeremy directly at  or 425-394-4184.