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January Volunteer of the Month: Ekaterina “Katia” Zakharova

By January 10, 2022General, IHCA

When did you move to Issaquah Highlands, and from where? 
I am a first-time homeowner with a long experience of renting, and I moved to Issaquah Highlands from Everett in May 2020, where I lived for 17 years. I purchased a beautiful condo where I now reside with my mom Elena and our two cats, Liza and Mischka.

Why did you choose to live in Issaquah Highlands?
My mom and I were looking for a place closer to Bellevue, where we run a ballroom dance studio together. Issaquah Highlands first caught my attention back in 2010, when I was visiting with my friends in Klahanie, and they showed me the beautiful new community up on the hill. My first thought was, “Wow, this place looks like the one from the magazines!” Little did I know that 10 years later, I would call this community my home. After moving to the Highlands, I have learned the structure of this planned community is the main reason behind the welcoming vibe I felt back in 2010.

How did you get involved as a volunteer in Issaquah Highlands? 
As I planned to reside in Issaquah Highlands for a long time, I wanted to contribute to the community by dedicating my time to serving my neighbors. I am a member of the Issaquah Highlands Community Association (IHCA) Board of Directors and the IHCA Covenant Committee.

Tell us about serving on the Covenant Committee. 
I have to admit that, so far in my term on the Covenant Committee, we have only received a tiny number of violations, all thanks to our wonderful residents who manage to comply with all the rules even through these tough times.

What do you hope for the IHCA board in the future? 
I really hope 2022 will bring back normal times, and we will be able to organize more in-person events. I look forward to meeting more of our wonderful residents in person!

Ekaterina Zakharova is a member of the IHCA Board of Directors representing District 1, and a West Highlands Park resident.

Are you inspired to get involved in the Issaquah Highlands community?
Opportunities are available!

Click here to discover all the different ways you can get involved in our Issaquah Highlands community, including opportunities to join boards and committees, as well as urgent needs at local nonprofits.

Questions? Contact Lindsey Pinkston, Highlands Council Program Manager.