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Prepare for a Snow Event

By January 18, 2021IHCA
IHCA Snow Alert

An important message from Matthew Hendrikse, Issaquah Highlands Community Association (IHCA) facilities maintenance supervisor:

We are entering the time of year when we have the highest possibility of snow. Next week we have a real chance of getting snow in the lower elevations over several days. What does this typically mean for the community?

In Issaquah Highlands, snow usually starts to accumulate above Grand Ridge Elementary School up to Grand Ridge Drive, the highest point in the community. If we get accumulation in the Grand Ridge Plaza area, the IHCA will work with Regency Centers to service the sidewalks so people can shop safely.

What can you do as a homeowner in Issaquah Highlands?

Help the IHCA access private roads not serviced by the city of Issaquah. Before and during a snow event, please try to park in your garage or driveway so we can effectively and safely plow the areas that need service. Many streets in the Highlands are very narrow, making it already difficult for us to use large plows. The IHCA has a lot to maintain throughout our community and our crews work long hours to service the community as quickly as possible.

Please reference the following articles by the IHCA from December 2020 Connections for updated information on city of Issaquah snow routes and priorities, as well as the IHCA’s responsibility.

    • IHCA Winter Snow Removal Service: Includes a current IHCA Snow Services map, explains the responsibilities of each division, and includes a reminder for residents to prepare for a snow event.
    • Be Prepared for Snow This Winter: Includes a description of homeowner responsibilities during a snow event and snow preparation tips.

Owners are responsible for snow and ice removal from their home’s pathways and sidewalk areas. Please help the community to ensure safe pedestrian-friendly sidewalks. Everyone has a part in ensuring our community’s safety.

Please contact the IHCA’s 24-hour emergency line if you need assistance or to report a concern during a snow incident: 425-223-8887. Contact 911 for emergencies, such as fallen trees on roadways and vehicle or pedestrian incidents.

Be well, stay safe, and safe informed.