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Progress on Traffic Safety Program

Issaquah Highlands Traffic Safety Zipper Merge

Since we last reported on this topic, much has done in the way of encouraging, and enforcing, traffic safety in Issaquah Highlands. Here are a few examples:

Improved “Zipper” Merge

  • As requested by the community, the “zipper” lane on eastbound Park Drive near the Fire Station has been relocated further away from the community trail crossing.
  • Pedestrian crossing flags were designed and installed at key crosswalks, mostly along Park Drive. If effective, this program could be expanded to more crossings.
  • Plants in the median at Grand Ridge Elementary School were exchanged for smaller species to increase visibility of our youngest pedestrians.

“On my way home just now, I slowed down for a pedestrian crossing the firehouse trail crosswalk across Park Dr and…they were holding one of the new ped flags!!!! Woo hoo! Flags and a new zipper merge all in 24 hours; I am overwhelmed with excitement 🙂 THANK YOU, City of Issaquah and the IHCA!” — Jamie Rosen, Sunset Walk resident

Beware of One Way Streets

  • To help prevent drivers from heading the wrong way on our one-way streets, the City installed color-coded lane reflectors on Park and Federal that look white when you are driving in the correct direction and red when you are not.

No Right on Red

  • New signage helps clarify “No Right on Red” from southbound 10th Ave NE onto Park Drive NE (Park Drive comes in at a curve, preventing drivers from seeing oncoming traffic).
  • Also, see a new “No Right on Red” at the eastbound merge of Federal Drive onto Park Drive at the Ram. This is to prevent drivers from proceeding when pedestrians trigger that light, which is the only time it is red.

New A-Boards

  • Still to come in this program will be an updated a-board program to educate drivers to “drive aware” and pedestrians to “walk with care” in hopes that all will enjoy our pedestrian-oriented community in safety. Watch for them this summer.

As published in June 2018 Connections